How to Help?


  • Pray regularly for our ministry. Ask your Bible study or church group to pray once a week or month for us
  • Sponsor a Youth.  We would like very much for each youth in our program to be sponsored by a number of individuals, or for a small group of people to to unite together to take on a youths sponsorship and give regularly for their needs through the foundation. Some of the funds for the youth would be used for general expenses like housing, food, clothes, school supplies and medical needs.  However Eagle’s Wings will set aside at least 20% of the sponsorship funds for a savings account for each child which they will receive when they leave the program. This then can help them transition into independent living.

The youth being sponsored will send greetings at least twice a year to communicate with the sponsors.  The foundation also will communicate with newsletters and prayer concerns for the particular youth. Please Contact us for more information.

  • Volunteer to help raise funds among your friends, church or study groups.
  • Pack and send birthday boxes for youth and staff on their birthdays.
  • Donate specific needed items like Water filters for homes, bedding, clothes, household items etc.
  • Donate time to help with sponsorship programs, researching business start-ups, grant-writing, developing fact sheets and brochures.
  • Donate time in Albania to visit schools, presenting information on trafficking with a fact sheet, video and discussion.

Do you have a skill or vocation that you believe could be taught to youths in Albania, to help equip them for the future?  Are you knowledgeable in  computers, sewing/tailoring, plumbing, small engine repair/mechanics, carpentry, bookkeeping/small business skills etc. Would you be willing to come as an individual or as part of a team to train young people so that they could apply those skills to help support themselves and their families? If so then please Contact uswe would love to talk to you about how you could help.

Also, if you would like someone from Eagle’s Wings to come to your church or to your investment club or to a philanthropic organization to which you may belong etc, then please Contact uswe would love to come and share personally with you what God is doing to provide hope and love and freedom for young people at risk in Albania.

Thank you.