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Children/youth who grow up in poverty and neglect often don’t know their true value. You can let an Albanian youth know she is greatly valued by helping meet her needs and offering encouragement. Your donations and letters will communicate God’s love in a uniquely powerful way.

Your gift of $30 to $100 a month will go a long way in meeting the current needs of these youth, which include clothing, school expenses, vocational training and medical/health needs. Once there are enough sponsors for the youth, then they will each have a savings account that will accumulate funds for them to use as they transition into life outside of Eagle’s Wings.

Please read these short bios of youth currently in the Eagle’s Wings home. Then when you know which one you would like to sponsor, please fill out the form below and make your donation. If you have any questions, or want to get connected(to communicate) to one of the youth please contact us.


Sara(16) has been raised in the Zyber Halluli(Tirana) orphanage.

Her mother lives in Italy and is very sick. Sara and her brother has been raised at that orphanage. Social services asked us if we can accommodate her in our home as she was aged out from the orphanage and social services did not want to send her at state run youth center which is not a good place for her to stay.

Sara lives in our home since September 2019 and has made big positive changes as she goes to school and to church in regular bases and follows regulations and instructions given from the staff.

She does not know her father at all.

As her parents are fading away from her life she is longing for Jesus to be her savior and calling  God as her father.

We prays God for her good progress


Sara(16) comes from a very poor family from a suburb area of Tirana where the most of habitats have migrated from the north part of Albania(poor villages) after ’90.

Before coming in our home the psychologist in the school addressed her case at CPU(child protection unit).Child protection unit in the municipality indicated ; all kind of abuse and was neglected from her father and brothers.

Her mother is a person with disabilities.

As the result of all of these issues in her life child protection unit asked help through World Vision because she has been registered as a sponsored child in WV.

World Vision referred the case to us and she came at September 2019 in our home. At the beginning she was anxious and had regular nightmares but now she is in a process of healing as she became a christian believer and goes to church with Sara. Her self esteem is growing up as well.


Maria and her two brothers have been born in a poor neighborhood of Tirana. During their early childhood her biologic mother got very sick and after some years she died. Their father said he could not take care for his three children. Meantime they were in the street searching at the garbage cans for scrap to sale it, and were begging for money. Social services assessed their situation and decided to accommodate them at the state run orphanage in Shkoder where a important Albanian media discovered sexual abuse with children and as the result of that the orphanage has been closed.

Maria and her brothers have been transferred at Tirana state run orphanage in 2013. Maria stayed there for 7 years. She is a very closed friend of Sara. Considering good changes in Sara’s life she has been  asking continuously the staff to transfer her at our home.

Now she has started a new journey in our home where we will help her to succeed in school and gaining life skills as well so to be prepared for independent living.

If you would like to become a sponsor, please complete the contact form below. After you click SEND, continue to the bottom of the page to choose from the payment options. Thank you.

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Sponsor a child

If you would prefer to send checks for your monthly sponsorship, please mail them to:

Eagle’s Wings foundation
3255 Starr route road
Oakley, Il

Once we receive your first donation, we will send you information about your child so you can learn more about her and pray for her. We’ll also inform you about how you can be in correspondence with her.

Thank you for your love and commitment to these youth!