May 2014

May 2014

Dear Supporters, Pray-ers and Friends of Eagle’s Wings,

We have some wonderful news to share!

Liza”, one of the girls who was in the original EW home and program since 2010, will officially “graduate” from EW care this summer. For the last year, Liza has lived independently with two roommates in an apartment in the city. She has met with EW staff, Alda and Bena, each month to bring in her receipts and each month her monthly stipend has decreased so she has been responsible for more herself. At first this was hard for her to manage, however Alda and Bena report that she has gained confidence and seems happy with life. She is working hard each day in a beauty salon near her apartment. And for a few months had a second job too. She has learned to budget and spend wisely and get along with people. It is such a joy to see her progress. THANK YOU supporters for continuing to support this young lady, who has overcome some horrible circumstances to become a cheerful and beautiful young woman. Your gifts and prayers have made a difference!!!

We praise God for the 4 bedroom house He provided in a quiet neighborhood. Jona and Juli have done a wonderful job in decorating and it is becoming very homey. In the entry Juli painted a “family tree”-pictured left.

In March the first girl finally arrived. However, just a few days later she was “taken back” by the state even though they had asked EW to take her. This was a disappointing beginning and a reminder of the need for prayer. The state services never really told us the reasons for this. Communication with state agencies is an on-going battle but one we will continue to work at. It is critical that EW is in good standing with Social Services.

Another girl arrived in April. She is a beautiful girl from very sad and difficult circumstances. Much of her childhood was spent “in the dumpsters”, literally picking through for food, clothes and essentials for life. A missionary in the South of the country, who is now a Board member, worked in the area, knew her situation and has helped with her care for years, even “rescuing her” from suspected traffickers in the port city several years ago, before EW was a home. For the last few years this young woman has been in a private home, however those circumstances changed and she needed a place again. Here are the missionary’s impressions of a recent visit with her.

Although her visit was brief, (near her old home) she made a very positive impression on the people she met – young and old. When she joined our church group for afternoon prayers, high up on a hill above her village, she showed maturity in the way she prayed for her biological family and for her “new family” in Tirana. “

In church the following Saturday, one of the mature believers spoke very highly of what she saw, “a little girl who was once lost, but is now safe and growing into a fine Christian woman.” She also feels happy, contented and even loved at the EW home.


The new EW Family


Another young woman has come into the home the end of April and has made a good adjustment. She has been in state orphanages for years and was being “aged out” of the system. She has never had a “family” and seems to be enjoying that so much. She is in school each day and enjoys playing soccer.


EW is waiting for the next two girls, sisters, to arrive from an orphanage from a city in the South of the country. They too have been in an institution for many years and are looking forward to being in a family situation. Again, the biggest hold up is the beaurocracy in the government. There are many “requirements” to be met by us, especially documentation which often is not handled well by the state, so getting the information is difficult. However, when Social Services came to do an inspection and see the program…they were very impressed!


Recently, Board member, Marcia Bronson, visited Albania and the EW home. Because of her experience with Teaching Family homes in South Carolina, she had lots to share. Especially, she trained the staff in parts of the evaluation process for the teens EW serves and reports “heartwarming experiences” in the home and “loving” Albanian food. In the home the family presented her with an Albanian flag in appreciation.


Alda has spoken in two Albanian churches now telling the EW story and has been very warmly received. We rejoice that the Albanian church is beginning to wake up to the problem of human trafficking and desire to be more involved.


Sponsors, Prayers and Donations Needed

With so much good news to share, there are still concerns.


  1. Though there is a contract on the home in Priske, documents and details with the state are holding up the process of finalizing the sale. It has now been 5 months since the beginning negotiations. We have done everything we can and will not engage in giving any bribes so PLEASE PRAY with us this sale will finalize as quickly as possible.
  2. With the home in “full swing”, finances are a challenge. We need new sponsors and regular givers. Would you consider doing that or passing this on to friends who might be interested? It is EASY to DONATE on our web-site or become a sponsor for one of the young women in the program now. Read more under our sponsorship notes on the site.
  3. Become part of our prayer team. Board member Marcia Bronson sends out regular prayer updates and would love to add you to the list of faithful pray-ers. Contact her at



Always we remember, Why we do what we do? Because of the issue:


Albania is primarily a source country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor, including the forced begging of children. Children were exploited for commercial sex, forced begging, and forced criminality, girls were also subjected to prostitution or forced labor after arranged marriage.

And because of the command in scripture: Give justice to the poor and the orphan, rescue the poor and helpless. Psalm 82:3-4.

Our mission continues. Thank you for joining us

Mission Statement

To provide a culturally sensitive, safe and nurturing home where at-risk youth can reach their potential spiritually, intellectually, physically and relationally.