May newsletter 2013

What’s Happening???

        Eagle’s Wings Flyer -May 2013

How is Liza??

In one word she is GREAT!  After 2.5 years under the care of EW and house parents Aida and Biku, Liza will finish high school in June with passing grades!  She will be the first one in her family ever to accomplish this important event! And in April she turned 20 yrs.  Recently she met with Alda, Ex. Director, and Bena, Program Director, to make a plan for living independently. She would like to attend university in Social Work, and is planning to work to help support that plan. EW has maintained a savings account for Liza  with sponsorship funds and this will be available to her as she makes the transition this summer to an apartment with a roommate, working and saving funds for university.

Even more encouraging than the news about her physical well-being is the development  emotionally  in handling decisions and spiritual growth as well. On Easter Sunday at the International Church in Tirana, after the sermon about Jesus’ resurrection, the Pastor invited Liza to the front where she shared briefly about loosing her parents when she was age 7 and then stated:  “People told me that Jesus loved me, but I did not understand what that meant until my adopted parents showed me unconditional love. Now I understand that Jesus cares for me and  suffered and planned a way to show me that love through them. I now know that Jesus loves me and is with me all the time.”


Praise God with us for Liza’s well being and continue to pray she will find her way in the new steps of living on her own and supporting herself.


What activities are Eagles Wings involved in now, since there is only one girl in care?  MANY!


  • EW has continued to network with various organizations in Tirana and across the country. These connections are crucial in helping the many women and children who are vulnerable and at risk of the trafficking situation and providing resources.
  • Three agencies, one of them EW, has begun an Alpha Course in the last few weeks for women in a shelter. The Alpha Course is created for those “seeking” to know more about Christianity and is a great opportunity to teach Biblical truths. Six girls and women are now attending the course.
  • EW has continued to help coordinate trainings for Fred Tahan and Children and Families Together when Fred visits Albania. These trainings are designed for those in Social Work fields, both private and government agencies.  On Friday, April 19, a training on  understanding personalities was held in the North of the country with 20 Social Workers and Psychologists attending. This is a new area for networking and an important one.
  • A new budget is in place and EW has applied for several grants and a new Program Director is hired.


EW ‘s New Program Director

EW is excited to welcome the new Program Director/Consultant, Benereta Kademi.  Bena grew up in Memaliaj, a small town in the Southwest of Albania. She heard about Jesus for the first time when she was age 17 in her town. She says she was amazed to feel the love of God and she had the opportunity to share that with others.  She attended University in Gjirokaster and graduated with a degree in education. After graduation, she taught elementary school for seven years in both public and private schools.    Though Bena was teaching, her  concern for the children she saw in the streets of Albania and learning about the many cases of violence against women, gave her a deep desire to do something to help. She decided to enter University again for a second degree in Social Work.


Bena completed that degree one year ago after an internship with Eagle’s Wings and for 6 months she worked in a school for gypsy children in Tirana.  She is excited about working for EW Foundation and the training she is receiving in the Teaching Family Model. She says:  “It is a very good model because it addresses very specific circumstances for each child and helps them make good choices.  I believe that when each person does their work with all their heart, things will change in the society and be better for the children of Albania.” Bena and Landi, a talented musician, have been married for 8 years  and they have one son, Daniel, who will be 7 years old this summer.


As Program Director/Consultant, Bena will be directly over the Teaching Family program in the home and will be available to the House Parents for consulting and talking through any issues that arise. Fred Tahan, friend and consultant for EW has already begun training Bena.


What’s Ahead?


EW is moving forward in plans to open a home in Tirana in August  2013.  The new budget includes renting a villa or large apartment in Tirana for 8 girls and hiring House Parents. The House Parents and any other staff needed will  complete 40 hours of pre-service training before the home opens. We are hopeful that we can begin placing girls before the start of school in September.  A rental contract needs to be established, the home furnished, girls accepted and moved in .           

What is Needed?        


 Prayer and regular donors.  BOTH are so important.  EW staff and Board are well aware of the need for prayer in this ministry.  Would you join us on a regular basis, once a week, with your Bible Study or friends or Prayer Group to pray for the opening, for staff and funding. Board member Marcia Bronson will be organizing a prayer team for EW…if you are interested in joining that Prayer Team, will you hit the Prayer Team button on the web or email Marcia at


The budget for EW is approximately $130,000 a year.  This includes all administrative costs, staff salaries and insurances,  and all health care, schooling, food and clothing for 8 girls.  The Board has agreed that they would like there to be 75% of that budget  PLEDGED before the home opens. This amount would be $97,000 pledged by churches or individuals for payments made either monthly, bi annually or annually.  We have put a new tab on our web-page to PLEDGE or DONATE this way. Would you consider doing this NOW.  OR write Alda at and tell her your name, address and pledge information. It would encourage us greatly.  If 162 people  pledge $50 a month or 194 people pledge $500 a year, we could meet that goal!  Together YOU could make a difference in young girls lives who are at risk of being trafficked within Albania or to other countries.


Remember EW Foundation is a registered charity in the US . Donations are tax exempt.  If you had rather send by snail-mail, the address is 3255 Star Route Rd. Oakley, IL 62501 or at

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